I can still remember how the sand felt in-between my toes, how the sound of the waves crushing
into the beach and dragging along the sand back into the ocean. The sweet sound of the waves
resonated well with me, sending vibrations through my body that spurred chills within leaving my
hairs standing in applaud. The crabs came out of their holes as if to peep if the sun was finally out,
then there it was. The sun tore into the sky with such glory, it moved so gently as though the sea
gave birth to it. The rays glistened on the sea and colored the sky with its warm yellowy orange
flavor. Its rays outstretched to touch all the ends of the world and it smiled back in reply.

Nothing like a nice long road trip, nothing like the calmness it brings to you. The air gets cooler and
fresher with each passing breath. The views and calmness naturally engrave in your mind like a soft
warm memory. It’s always something to look back to, to trace back to the way it made you feel. It must
have been the smooth rumbles of the van engine or the trees whizzing by but it slowly drifted me to my
own oblivion wishing each day could be just like this one.